Getting Started / Fees

Getting Started / Fees

Before you can start learning to drive, there are a number of things you need to know or have:

Provisional Licence - You will need to obtain a provisional driving licence before you are able to drive on the road. You can obtain this licence from the DVLA (Driving Vehicle License Authority). Application forms for your licence can be obtained direct from the DVLA on 0870 240 0009 or via their web site Alternatively you can pick up an application from your post office. You can apply for your licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday. The current cost of a new provisional licence is £50.

Eyesight- Drivers are legally required to be able to read a number plate from 20.5 meters or 67 feet (with glasses or contact lenses if required). You will be asked to do this before you start lessons with me and by your examiner when you take your test. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can meet this standard.

Tests - You will need to undertake 2 tests in order to obtain a full UK driving licence:

Theory Test - You can study and take practice tests for FREE by using the following link and self-enrol. The theory test is split into two sections. Firstly there is a multiple choice test comprising of 50 questions. You must score 43 or more to pass. The second part is a Hazard Perception test where you need to identify hazards on the road from 14 video clips. 75 marks are available and you need to obtain 44 or more to pass. Both parts of the theory test must be passed at the same time. The easiest way to book your theory test is on-line at or alternatively telephone the booking line on 0300 200 1122.

Practical Test- Your practical driving test cannot be booked until you have passed your theory test so it is important that we push on with your theory as soon as you start lessons. Usually there is a 6-8 week waiting list for a practical test. The practical test will last around 35-40 minutes and your examiner will ask you to demonstrate all of the driving skills you have learnt during your course include 1 manoeuvre and 10 minutes of independent driving. You can book the practical test in the same way as detailed for the theory test above.

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